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An adventurous mindset is about the only thing the bands on this record have in common. They draw their influences and ideas from a diverse array of areas that range from the serious to the absurd and from the pragmatic to the highly complex. From an outside point of view the various parts of this compilation may seem like a concise and tightly woven section of a tiny fraction of all the music on this planet, but diving into the contents offered herein, you'll find whole worlds opening to you.

For instance The Clonious brewing memories to Pharao Sanders' late phase with Coltrane while spinning those echoy drums in a truly mental fashion. Alexandr Vatagin gives a little- glitch-goes-drone excursion, nothing big, but with lots of soothing effect on the mind. Peter Holy is taking his songwriting to a completely new level of emotism, mocking classical piano and then rocking it as if his heart depended on it. David Schweighart uses field recordings of birdsong and voices in the park to brighten his guitar-chords. Äpplicätör 120 forage into some short but equally effective nullsonic-noise of electric interference on their "Flug Der Todessonde Omega". Ippolit introducing a clarinet into a majority of the Tupolev fracas resulting in the loosest Masada you'll ever hear. Yes, the whole town riding the range and everyone having a good time while exploring the fringes of what they know. Mödling, the frontier town?

Moreover Mödling ends with the enormous Tupolev and their "Opus", which fits because Tupolev might be the best known band from the ones introduced here, the starting point for many music lovers to explore further (just like this compilation) and also seems to be a central point for the various players in the Mödling-scene. Peter Holy, Alexandr Vatagin, David Schweighart and Lukas Scholler all appear solo as well on the record, mostly with one or more of the others playing along. This kind of incest is a great thing as long as the closeness and intimacy is held up. If their regional closeness is but a coincidence, that is for you, the listener, to decide. But beware, as soon as you start to question your own judgements, you'll step up into air. Maybe you'll find, that the nothing underneath you will give you better hold than the ground far below.
--- Georg Cracked


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