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Rob Hunter is a young fellow from the city of Bristol in South West England. He studies illustration (he did the artwork) and spends his time putting together tiny animation videos and making music. "I use whatever instruments i can get to make a sound, and layer it all up", as his myspace-account tells us. He released a cassette at UK Tapeclub Records before he joined the 12rec-family in late 2006. Say hello to Rob!

With a strong sense for funky grooves and heart-warming melodies, Rob ransacks a genre you used to know as Pop music. His attempt is DIY, his beats are cut-up, the sound lo-fi. Spectrum mixes an old drum machine-beat, dinky noises, Rhodes-chords and French synthesizers (see Rob, Phoenix). Waiting is body moving sample Funk with acoustic guitars and a lush bass-line. For Spill, Rob even raises his voice. Pay attention to the short piano-sketches! Wow. Image a mixture between 12rec-labelmate Rob Steady and electronic music prodigies Hot Chip from London (UK, indeed).
Song Four (at position five) is another example for Rob Hunters talent to fuse tight Hip Hop beats with lush melodies. Once again, his simple vocal-lines will make you stuck. The last two tracks are a little less danceable but add a certain mood of melancholia. Especially First Day Back is an oh-so-beautiful piece of miniaturized independent Pop with cute synthesizers and re-sampled guitars. Music for the young at heart.


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