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Portabot is César Pesquera, a Spain-born graphic designer, director and musician who lives and works in London and Barcelona. He is co-founder of UK ESP media laboratory Actop and related to London's D-Fuse VJ crew. His engagement for fresh audio-visual talents involves artdirection for Rojo Magazine and its associated projects. His experimental short film Passer/8 made up load of praise all over Europe. All these laurels ain't enough, César Pesquera released an successful album under the name of "Shudo" back in 2000 via the welcome hands of Belgian Quatermass Records. Portabot, admittedly, is different.

I stumbled about Portabot when Raül Fuentes a.k.a. Heezen asked me to review his Liquid Guitar mixtape at Audiotalaia Netlabel. The epic "Sorry" was featured in this collection and I was happy to find the whole respective album online at Immediately, I tried to get in contact with César but failed until in Summer 2008 he wrote me an email because he stumbled upon a review I wrote about him... God, or whatever you want to call it, moves in mysterious ways!
Portabot is all about processed guitars, warm noise and the formation of textures from tones. The works of 12rec. artists Neuf Meuf and Heezen is audible, still Cesar's Summery drones recall My Bloody Valentine, Tim Hecker and Markus Popp as well. Packed with a stunning new artwork, sewn to quicksilver precision and slightly mastered by Sven Swift, we are happy to re-release "There Must Be a Sunrise in Every Ending". Enjoy it at a stretch for maximum impact.
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