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Kriipis Tulo and Mahi Bukimi form the duo Astrowind. Travelling the rusty railroad between Riga and the white shores of the Baltic Sea, they met in 2003 to perform a few live improvisations on old Soviet synthesizers. Things did seem to work out and Astrowind decided to go ahead with their cinematic music. I got in contact with Tulo and Bukimi for my review of their debut EP "The Night the Stars Flew" which has been released at the Russian ElectroSound-Netlabel. Immediately I fell in love with their beautiful and anachronistic Paleopsychedelic Ambient (as Astrowind term their music) and was happy to hear that there is a couple of new tracks waiting for a release. That's how "Into Vernadsky" came to be.

While the debut was more like watching the stars on a windy night, "Into Vernadsky" has a rather oceanic feel. “Welcome to the Past” starts off with fat sonar-like bleeps while the harmonic synth- and organ-chords in the back seem to pass tons of salty water before they reach your ear. The second song, mysteriously entitled “Rusty Trumpet of Youth”, has a similar feel. Squeaking synthesizers and a millions bubbles beneath. The “Connections of Everything”-trilogy afterwards marks the slow ascension from the bottom of the ocean to the bright and lovely shores atop. If you are a fan of the Herzog EP we released in May 2007, maybe you dig these tunes, too. Despite all the differences.
The second half of "Into Vernadsky" EP begins with “Vernadsky Choice”. Astrowind combine sweet organ-chords with a crackling and hissing synthesizer pulse. Check the Jean-Michel Jarre filter sweeps! At position seven, “Starry Night Horseriding” takes on a slightly more resolute temper. Very dense, you can imagine the starlight landscape taking a flight before your eyes. “I’d Like to Return” is the last song before the EP fades out with the final tune “Blake”. There is a strong atmosphere of menace in it, a certain kind of tension… haunting. Reminds me of German Krautrock pioneers Cluster- and that is the best I can give!

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