So Much Achieved.
So Much Left To Do.

The Present And Future Of - An Anniversary Compilation


adcBicycle “You And The Snow”
The Great Mundane “Unpacking The Day” w/ Fuellsand
Sichtbeton “Frei Sein”
Neuf Meuf “Let The Phone Ring”
Nic Bommarito “Song For Runner-Up”
The Sleeping Tree “You’ve Got To Be Strong”
Crepusculum “Sleep At Sunrise”
Daniel Maze “Herons Are Mellow”
Nicolas Bernier “Aus Aktuellem Anlass” w/ Alexandr Vatagin + Audio88
Und Morgen, Der Asphalt “Wo Finden Wir Zusammen”
Konntinent “Dust Cloud Super Hero”
Ian Hawgood “The Subterranean Of Me And You”
Heezen “Rubber Traces”
Werner Kitzmüller “Saliva” w/ Alexandr Vatagin
Plaistow “Yap-Yap”
Ferriswheel “Light And Bells”
kes “Horried Priest Of Lonliness”
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